Moises Levy

Moises Levy is a photographer and established architect who lives in Mexico City. All of his life he has been surrounded by images. So much so that he thinks visually and lives through his eyes.

When studying architecture, he always carried a camera to fulfil his desire of wanting to express himself visually. He realised that photography was his passion, and since then has spent many hours searching and waiting for that special moment. They usually come at the least expected place and time.

Working with all kinds of equipment he shoots with cameras from Sony, Phase One, Alpa, Hasselblad, Rollei and even pinholes.

The human condition is the main subject of his photography. Perspective and scale feature heavily in his work, as does intimacy. He believes in being close to his subjects to help create powerful images. He likes to work with backlight to create high contrast black and white, almost graphical. Using very low angles in places with almost no distractions like beaches and open spaces he creates work that is timeless.