Ulla Lohmann


Ulla Lohmann is a freelance Photojournalist and Filmmaker, an elected member of the renown Explorer's Club and her work is represented by National Geographic. Ulla has completed expeditions to volcanos in Papua New Guinea, climbed to the highest volcano on the planet, dived in Polynesia, and trekked in Madagascar. She has crossed the Dolomites by foot, bike, and by climbing and published a book about it. She is also the world's first woman to set foot inside the active Benbow volcano in Vanuatu. In her words the camera is a door opener for the hearts of people. Being a Photographer, she has met so many amazing people, often in remote places, that she would not have met otherwise. They have inspired her and changed her way of life, constantly teaching her new things. She hopes to achieve that through her images, she can give the people in these faraway places a voice who have inspired her so much.