Street Portrait Shoot
Street Portrait Shoot
Street Portrait Shoot
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Street Portrait Shoot

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From 80 year olds dancing, to families jumping for joy. An olympic rower with his family and his winning oars, to a family with their SUP. A 4x time world fencing champion with her sabre, and her husband with his trombone.

These are just some examples of the type of image Charlie has shot during his mobile street portraits.

Using a backdrop on wheels he moves up and down the streets of Bath, positioning it in front of people’s houses to shoot portraits of the those living inside.

When the white backdrop goes up, and the base is unfurled onto the street, it creates a stage for those of the household to perform on.

Initially calm you will be certain to overcome any shyness you thought you had with a little encouragement from Charlie, resulting in great images to make you smile every time you look at them.

For the cost of £50 Charlie will shoot you in front of the backdrop, and on your doorstep too (if you would like!).

After the shoot the images will be available for you to download via Dropbox .

Should you be interested in a framed print that can arranged through the print shop.

To book, click the payment link above and Charlie will call you to arrange an appointment.