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Charlie Pinder

Starting out with a basic Kodak Instamatic and flashcubes at the age of 7, my love of, and for, photography has continually grown. Processing my own film and printing my own prints at 15 in the school dark room made me appreciate the finer art involved in what is now such an easy thing to do. I am constantly amazed at the amount of people I see shooting images with a smartphone and how simple things have become.

​​​​​​​As a photographer I have had the pleasure of meeting and shooting some very interesting, very inspiring, and at times very famous people, as well as travelling to some outstandingly beautiful places to shoot landscapes and high class hotels.

After working as a commercial photographer for a number of years I moved into the corporate world taking a position at Canon Europe's HQ. Responsible initially for photography, this expanded to video as the world started to call for more content. The role took me to many places around Europe, enabled me to work with some great agencies (TAG Europe, Amigo, Dentsu, Lukkien, Imagination), with some great photographers (Bruno Barbey, Brent Stirton, Gary Knight, Patrick Harrison) and afforded me the opportunity to take photography to a new level whilst there.

From there I moved to Austria for the role of International Photography Manager for Red Bull Media House. Managing teams across Salzburg and Los Angeles, and with their help, I created and drove the photography direction of Red Bull and its affiliated brand Red Bull Photography forward. This encompassed brand building, partnership development, content creation and relationship management with the 500+ photographers globally.

Moving to present day I still shoot, and am open for commissions of all types. I have experience shooting cars, interiors, portraits, sport and almost anything you feel like throwing at me.

Buy yourself a print or get in touch. I'd love to hear what you think of my work!